Monday, 16 January 2012


I’m off (again I know) from tomorrow ‘til the end of the week to camp in the beautiful piece of local paradise that is Waimarama.

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We are staying in the local camping ground with my Dad (Poppa) and Step- Mother (Granny Lynn.) It has been ages since I’ve been camping and my first time with kids. It could be interesting. From what I’ve heard it can sometimes not be the most relaxing thing – camping with young kids.

Although if there is ever a time for the words ‘relaxing camping holiday’ and ‘young kids’ to occur in the same sentence, this is it. Dad and Lynn have the super-duper set up… eg: fridge, gazebo, powered site etc etc (these things were not part of my childhood camping experience!) And there is some talk of rigging up a play-pen containment system for the little tykes who will no doubt wake up with sun and then proceed to eat all the food out of the camp fridge and wake me up by building sandcastles on my back.

So, please accept my apologies for ditching the blog for another week, but please be assured that I will return – likely armed with a whole lot more of these kind of pics …


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