Friday, 30 December 2011

Twenty Eleven

I’ve seen a few of my friends reflecting on the outgoing year, today on Facebook. Some have had pretty amazing years filled with lots of travel and significant milestones. In a lot of ways when I reflect on what I’ve done this year, I strike a blank … it doesn’t seem much – I’ve basically looked after my kids and made a whole lot of stuff.

Well that and we moved up here, the Hawkes Bay from Wellington – one year ago yesterday in fact!

This is when having a blog is pretty helpful – in jogging (blogging he he) ones memory.

So, in sum – in 2011 we:



Noah on paper (mostly) and I painted Isabelle's dresser and doll's cot.


Ate… Elmo and pizza animals (amongst other things)

potty   strawbs

We tried and failed at growing our own strawberries and toilet training

But we succeeded in finding someone's patch to pick and have had someone promising signs in the toilet training department of late.

… We mended and made new …

making 1

making 2





















There was a lot of making new (some would call it an addiction/ obsession.)

We enjoyed everything the Hawkes Bay has to offer … soaking it up like a bunch of tourists, we visited shows, fairs the local parks and enjoyed the sunshine.

003 bw025053

Noah got glasses and NZ hosted the Rugby World Cup…

glasses rugby

We won the Cup and Noah has only lost 1 pair of his glasses so far (that's a story for another time.)

The kids have grown from being a 2 year old and a new born to a big 3 year old kindy boy and now walking 1 year old bundle of energy!

then and now

Here’s to a whole new year of growing, making and generally enjoying life!

Happy New Years everyone!

Jenny and family xx


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