Sunday, 4 December 2011

Things I’m Loving – A bit of a mishmash

Like the title says – this is a bit of a mishmash, and probably should be more than one post, but here goes:

On Saturday – I headed (by myself) to the Fruit Bowl Craft Jam – an annual handmade market held here in Hastings.

(While I was gone the kids got into some of my sewing stuff and created a tangled maze out of elastic and wool) – but, I digress …

The Craft Jam was awesome.

I was completely overwhelmed by all the local crafty goodness out there and had to walk around all the stalls about three times before I made my final selections.


I absolutely love this cushion made out of a recycled grey blanket and at a very reasonable $25 probably should have bought another.


I also got a couple of cheap hairclips for Isabelle and a rose ring for me.

I’m also loving this picture of the pure joy that is Isabelle getting pushed by her Dad on the swing.


… And I’m loving this image that a friend shared on Facebook (and I promptly stole) :


… Noah has most definitely been exhibiting the ‘phone call interruption ganglia’ and ‘muppet appreciation lobe’ recently.

… And last but not least, I am loving the fact that a Charitable Trust (The Canterbury Co-operative Land Trust), that my Dad and Uncle set up has made the front page of The Christchurch Press.

The purpose of the Trust is :To facilitate and provide governance for the development of a series of affordable section development projects for Red Zone home owners [in Christchurch.]’ – taken from their website.

You can read the Press article for yourself here.

To see what others are loving – go here.

Jen x


PaisleyJade said...

Love the swing photo!!!

Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

That cushion is lovely! $25 is a bargain.