Friday, 16 December 2011

Photos make me smile

I’m one of those people that is pretty good at printing off photos, which is something people don’t do so much in this digital age. Remember film? When you had to print develop your film to see if any of your photos turned out? I’m sure when I explain this to my kids one day they’ll say: “Was that when dinosaurs were still around? … Had electricity been invented yet?”


I’m also one of those people that probably frames too many photos. By the time I’m 50 I’ll probably have no wall space left.

I blame my kids for being so cute.

This time however I had got a bit behind in my printing. It had been 5-6 months since I’d last printed a bunch of photos out. Since I started blogging actually (you may recognise a lot of the photos here if you follower my blog.)

So I did a massive online order through Snapfish.

My prints arrived by today.


I have to say I was mighty impressed. The quality is great (and I’m a bit fussy about my photos), it was super fast ( I think it was Wednesday this week I ordered them and today is Saturday), and cheap too (I ordered 71x2 prints and with a few deals – first 50 prints free, 10% off second set and then 50% off all of that plus free delivery … it ended up costing $8 something for 142 photos!)

(In case you wondered, I think the 50% and free delivery deal is running for a few more days.)

It is fun going through all your pictures especially near the end of the year… you get to relive all the memories again.

And how much easier is it to take your time picking your photos online, compared to in store with a toddler pulling your leg and a baby in need of a nappy change?

They also do photo books – and a bunch of other photo gift ideas too. I’m not so much into the photo mugs and T-shirts but I did order a couple of snow globes (also 50% off, score!) to use as stocking stuffers for the kids. They are due to arrive in a couple of days.

It seems a bit random to dedicate a whole blog post to talk about printing out photos, but like I said photos make me smile. And today Snapfish, you have made me smile. (Besides you get some more credit/ future discount if you share their website with a friend.) Does this count? snapfish, snapfish, snapfish ?

I sure hope so…

… Because I have some photos to print out involving my kids and cake …


See what I mean?

Does anyone else share my photo fetish?

Jenny x

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Anthea Livingstone said...

Me - I love photos too and have some cute ones of you at the same age. And remember your children will also ask you when they are old enough if the world was black and white then :)