Saturday, 24 December 2011

Our week before Christmas– the highlights

So it seems that many of my blog posts of late have taken on a mish-mash/ random collection of far too many topics feel to them.

And this, I fair is the same. (I’ve been enjoying just soaking up the Christmassy feeling and spending more time than normal with Andrew and haven’t blogged quite as much.) In fact that is highlight number 1 … Increased husband/ Daddy time.

This last week we’ve also enjoyed…


  • Going to the Fiesta of Lights – a walk through light show with 500,000 lights (including a 40m wide Nativity Scene!) We (especially Noah) had a great time and Noah is now ‘world famous in the Hawkes Bay’ with a photo taken of him featuring on the Hastings i-site Facebook page.


  • New ‘Noahisms’ – Noah has said some especially cute things this week. One day he pulled down some Christmas decorations I made (grrr!) and I told him I was sad/ disappointed, to which he said: “No-Noah just lost his best friend!” (awww!) He’s also been calling me “Mummy- Jen” a bit this week !? (Perhaps a reflection of Andrew being around more and calling me by first name more in Noah’s earshot?)
  • Winners are grinners – I won a couple of competitions in the last week which has been awesome! – I’ll be back to share more about this in the New Year.
  • Backyarding – instead of buying Christmas presents for each other Andrew and I bought a BBQ and outdoor table and since then we’ve basically been eating and living outdoors. This is awesome for 3 reasons-

1) It feels like we now have another living room

2) This ‘living room’ does not need to be cleaned after the kids eat in it

3) I haven’t done much cooking as Andrew has been ‘manning’ (ha!) the BBQ (this also equals less dishes! Yuss!)


* Christmas Eve strawberry picking -  The kids loved it and we managed to collect just over 3kg of great quality berries despite going near the end of possibly their busiest days of the year!

Lowlights of the week include the washing machine deciding to break down right on Christmas – but I can’t complain when I think of the people of Christchurch, some still without power and plagued by aftershocks! My thoughts and prayers are with my family and friends (and with everyone else down there!)

Merry Christmas all!


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Jenny said...

Arghh! Can't be bothered editing to fix grammatical error! Should be 'fear' not 'fair' at the start of the post!