Sunday, 18 December 2011

A few things


1. ‘This’ (see pic above) is called “Show-time!” according to Noah. He then does a bow. I’m not sure where he got it from. The boy has quite an imagination!

2. I feel that I can claim Isabelle to be ‘properly’ walking now. It’s hard to put an exact date on it, she’s been cruising round furniture for what seems like months now and the last few weeks has been been taking one or two steps and then lunging at me/ her intended destination. Now she is stringing multiple steps together, although still is more confident crawling.

3. My friend (in ‘real’ life), Clare just completed ‘Project Handmade Baby’ (PHB) where she dressed her youngest boy in at least one handmade item everyday for a whole year. What an achievement!

4. I gave Noah a haircut today. (It was getting to Sonic the Hedgehog status.) In doing so I remembered why I prefer to pay someone $15 to do it. Let’s hope Andrew doesn’t suggest that it looks like the haircut from ‘Boy’ (a NZ movie) this time!

5. Noah has not yet learnt to lie. It’s seriously like that movie ‘The Invention of Lying.’ When I’m out of the room and the two kids are playing, if Isabelle starts crying I say: “Noah what’s wrong with Isabelle?” and he will say “I pushed her.” I’m sure he will learn soon enough.


6. The Christmas tree was ‘disturbed’ today. While in another room with Isabelle, I heard what only can be described as the rustling of tinsel and the muted clanging of baubles. (Like my 3rd form English type use of adjectives?) I rushed in to find Noah holding the whole tree up. After fixing the tree I went out of the room and thought I heard the same noise, I told him off and then returned realising that he was making a similar noise with the beanbag… I should have taken his word for it, after all the boy can’t lie!

7. I’ve been enjoying putting all the things together for the kids Christmas Stockings, I may show you in a day or two.

8. My Mum bought Noah an easel of trademe for his birthday. She is bringing around tonight, exciting!

9. Fresh pasta with pesto through it is a great easy dinner. (Can anyone say ‘lazy’?)

10. It turns out Danish blue cheese is not anywhere as good as our Kiwi stuff. I’m kicking myself for not spending the couple of extra dollars.

11. When we say “bub-bye” Isabelle waves. When we say “dance” Isabelle dances. She’s clever.

12. There is a cafe attached to our local supermarket. When we occasionally pop in for a coffee/ fluffy, the girls working there make a real fuss over Noah and give him extra marshmallows. The other day when we went to leave Noah went up to them and said: “Goodbye Yadies!” (His L sounds are replaced with Y's at this stage.) He has them wrapped around his little finger.

13. I really should start writing more simple blog posts that are just confined to one or possibly two topics. However, I think this post reflects my scatterbrain pretty well!

Edit: I should also bother proof-reading more and then I wouldn’t have to edit multiple times!

Jen x


Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

Some thoughts: Pesto and pasta is a lovely dinner and not lazy at all. I love blue cheese, whatever it's nationality. We bought Anna an easel too! She also needs a haircut. I salute your project handmade baby friend!

Merry Christmas! We will be on your shores in a couple of days! I've heard its been pretty wet - hope it clears up!

Days Of Our Lives said...

Love it Jenny. didn't find it scattery at all (but maybe that's becasue my mind is equally as scattered it made perfect sense.) x

shorty said...

Thanks for the mention Jenny! (and the salute Roslyn :o) )
I love the way you've written this post, it's so quaint and sweet and you can just tell how much you love your kidlets. Who are SO clever teehee! xx