Friday, 9 December 2011

…Dress the tree (and a flashback)

As promised, the tree is now up.

It is insanely difficult to get good photos of a lit up Christmas tree (well at least for my little cheap point and shoot camera and amateur photography skills.) The lights confuse my poor little automatic flash, especially when they are on flicker mode.

So this was the closest we got to a group shot of the two kidlets..


Yep, no-one looking at the camera. The Christmas tree is too exciting, Mum! (Note the child barricade – well more like Isabelle barricade. Noah at the same age toppled the tree a number of times.)



While putting up the tree I had a bit of a flashback to this time last year.

My Dad had come up for a day to meet Isabelle for the first time and catch up with his good pal Noah. I thought it might be nice for Poppa and Noah to dress the tree together. However, while Dad enjoyed himself I’m sure it was all about efficiency for him. “You don’t need tinsel round the back, actually lets just throw it on” and “Gosh, you’ve got a lot of decorations. We don’t really need to put them all on.” Needless to say, I did have to go and fix/ rebalance the decoration cluster once he’d left. (Love you Dad!)

Here are some pics from around that time ( a ‘Then and Now’, if you will) …

Ohhh … weren’t they wee! (And this must be from before I ‘fixed’ Dad’s tree decorating attempt!)

And this was at the Kirk’s Christmas Shop, with Isabelle in the front pack just a few weeks old.

Dad, if Kirks are ever hiring staff for their Christmas shop – you needn't apply. (At least you’re talented in many other areas!)

Doesn’t time fly!

Jen xox

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