Thursday, 8 December 2011

Deck the Halls …

{ First, a disclaimer : the Christmas tree is not yet up (hopefully this evening) – so this really is just the pre-tree decking. } – I will post photos at another time with the decorated tree, and it’s probably best that way, otherwise there might be photo overload!

Today Noah did some painting. I was hoping to kill multiple birds with one stone – we needed a birthday card for his friend, some thank you cards for his and Isabelle’s party and I thought we could make some Christmas decorations at the same time. Birds: 0, Me: 3.


I let Noah free with the coloured paper, paint and some glitter and then when his pictures dried I cut some into Christmas appropriate shapes for decorations we will hang on the tree; and some in circles to make the ‘Merry Christmas’ garland. (As you can see I used cookie cutters to make the shapes, as I don’t trust my very limited drawing skills!)

(I’m also ‘planning’ on cutting some more circles, threading them with cord and writing birthday thank you’s on the back to double as both a thank you card and Christmas decoration from the kids – we’ll see how we go.)


I also spelt out ‘Joyeux Noel’ on the window sill with Isabelle’s blocks. (There is only one of each consonant, so there are limited things you can spell – Merry Christmas: too many r’s and s’s; Joy to the World: two t’s… I could go on.)

And we put up the very special nativity scene that Andrew’s Auntie (a missionary in Kenya) sent us a few Christmas’s ago.  It instantly became Noah’s new favourite toy.

P.S. I’m also claiming my new cushion as a Reindeer – to keep within the Christmas theme.

The funniest moment of the day was when Noah got his toy chainsaw out and offered to chop down the Christmas tree (he’s obviously forgotten that we have a fake one then!)

How’s all your Christmas preparation going? I’m terribly behind on presents – but I’ll worry about that another day!


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Anonymous said...

Noah's pictures for decorations is such a sweet idea! I haven't finished all the Christmas presents yet but I'll get the shopping done over the next few days and finish off all the home-made stuff a few days before Christmas :) xo