Thursday, 17 November 2011

Broad Beans

Yesterday we picked the first of our broad beans from the garden. We are kind of accidental broad bean growers (when buying plants Andrew chose the broad beans as he thought they were something else – runner beans I think.) Because of this I didn’t know exactly what to do with them. This is where my good friend google came in.


Google proved exceedingly helpful and had advised me that I should pick them when they were about 15cm long and also provided me with a video with how to harvest them (although this is a bit of an overkill as it’s pretty self-explanatory I think!)

002The kid’s “helped” – Isabelle by eating dirt when I wasn’t looking, and Noah by picking beans that weren’t yet ready (I obviously haven’t yet learnt from the strawberry incident!) And yes, I do need to stake the plants – and have stakes to do it, but am wrestling with the idea of using them to make pirate flags instead!

I found a few good recipes that I’d like to try out – interestingly a lot of the broad bean recipes involve bacon, they must be a good pairing,

For dinner last night I made this yummy 'broad bean, bacon and spinach risotto'

017(I also added a bit of broccoli as we didn’t quite the number of broad beans required.)

It was enjoyed by all (evidenced by the fact that I’d made extra planning to have leftovers today – but there is none left!)

I also want to try this broad bean and bacon salad and this delicious sounding Falafel recipe from Kristin's blog.

I have dreams this Summer of making lots of other delicious and exotic dishes using lots of fresh produce that is so bountiful here in the Hawkes Bay – we’ll see!

If you have any links to tasty fresh summery food then please share – or if you have shared a recipe on your blog please post a link to that. I would love to have some more inspiration.

Happy Friday!



Sally said...

I love your stone markers! Such a great idea.
Enjoy your broad beans.

Kristin said...

I (normally) love broad beans!! We've been stocking our freezer with ours (pregnancy aversion). We add them to our pasta dishes, salads (sauteed a little) and risotto dishes as well as making that yummy falafel. :o)