Thursday, 3 November 2011

Like my new header?

new header #1

Think of it as a bit of a Summer makeover…

… and as they say a change is as good as a holiday.

Actually, I’d still love a holiday. And a makeover of my own come to think of it. (It’s been ages since I did anything to my hair!

I still love my old header – but love this too… what do ya think?

(And bear with me I may tweak things a bit in the next couple of days)


Jenny said...

so changed font already! I warned that there might be some tweaking!

Kelly said...

I think I spend more time changing and tweaking my blog than actually writing posts haha but yes a change is almost as good as a holiday. My hair is getting rediculously long but I haven't seen a hairstyle that I actually like so it's a ponytail for me everyday at the moment. Full makeover would be great eh?
Love the new header - very summery :D

Anonymous said...

Love it!! I get soo frustrated doing mine lol I dont even no where my background has dissappeared to!!!