Thursday, 17 November 2011

Kid Style and some thrifty finds

It’s not a secret that I enjoy dressing my kids. Well, actually let me rephrase that; I enjoy picking out clothes for them to wear. (Isabelle is incredibly wriggly making dressing her both difficult and not particularly enjoyable!)

However, I’m a firm believer in the idea that you can dress kids nicely without having to spend a mint (after all they grow so fast!) For this reason I really enjoy the ‘boy style’ posts that Kristin of Hello Fallow does.

This also fits with the Mend and Make New philosophy – that being on a budget/ trying to be frugal doesn’t mean that you should just have to ‘make do’; and for this reason I decided to do a little ‘kid style’ post of my own!

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Noah wears: glasses – Specsavers; t-shirt – Ralph Lauren (cough, cough) thrifted ($2); shorts – made by me; brown leather sandals – the warehouse (on sale for $5.50)

Isabelle wears: Peter Rabbit dress/top – thrifted ($1.50) I just love that scalloped hem! ; lace edged leggings – T & T ($4 on sale.)

Isabelle’s dress/top thing and Noah’s T-shirt were purchased in a recent trip to two of my local op-shops.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t influenced somewhat to buy the T-shirt by the fact that it is Ralph Lauren. And although in some instances a label can indicate that something is well made/ great quality – (I find this with country road clothes); in the case of a toddler’s T-shirt this doesn’t seem to make any difference. But the boy does suit stripes.

The rest of the op shop haul included the following:


The two items on the edge have already been discussed and the remaining three were picked up for $1.50 each.










I’m a sucker for smocked dressed and think that the little gingham dress is pretty cute too. (It’s size 3 so wont be worn for a while though!)


8 x more wooden coat hangers to make some more of these as gifts. At $6 total this is probably a little overpriced, but oh well.


… And last but not least an ‘Anything Jar’ (in case you can’t read what it says) – this is currently housing my sewing threads/cottons.

Quite a productive trip if I can say so myself!

Found any good op-shop bargains lately!

Jen x


Kristin said...

look at all this linking to me, you are lovely! I love your thrifted dresses. Really must make more of an effort to get around the oppies next time I am in the bay.

Kelly said...

we grew up with the same Anything jar so I had to giggle at that - did make Mum throw it out a few years ago though. Pretty dresses :D