Friday, 18 November 2011

Dear Isabelle, Happy Birthday!

Isabelle birthday collage 1Isabelle 2

Dear Isabelle,

My how you’ve grown!

You make me smile every day, but make me frustrated every time I have to dress your wriggly self or change your nappies!

It’s great that you’ve learnt how to climb chairs, steps and Noah’s bed, but please learn how to safely descend, before you give your poor Mum a heart attack!

The toilet brush is not your friend. Please desist from making a beeline for it at any opportunity!

Ok, so we get that you can cruise around the furniture… but you’ve been ‘almost’ walking for months now – can you just do it already so I can dress you in all those lovely dresses.

I can’t believe that you are 1 year old, you still feel like my little baby!

Lots of Love

Mum xox

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! the special dresses might be ready to wear for Christmas :)x