Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My Creative Space : Behind the scenes of a princess and pirate party


In some ways it may seem a bit odd to talk party preparation after the party, but as I’ve mentioned already my internet was down last week.

The following is the result of this internet free craft time :





I was particularly stoked to find the free printable pirate cupcake topper thingies on Pinterest. (And am equally pleased that I printed off a couple of pages before I lost my internet connection!)

I also made some pirate shorts for part of Noah’s outfit and some quick pirate flags to string about the place. For both of these my pinking shears have been my best friend, saving a lot of time hemming. (After all I’m all about max results for min effort, aren’t I? And nothing says pirate like zigzag, ripped/ unfinished hems in my book!)

I took a bit more time and effort for the ‘princess bunting’ as I want to keep this for Isabelle’s room.

As for food – most of what we did was pretty simple and I made the chocolate cupcakes a few days before and froze them. (The kids enjoyed licking the bowl – an essential childhood experience, in my opinion!)

princess and pirate party 001

princess and pirate party 013

princess and pirate party 007

…And as mentioned before, my Mum did an amazing job making Isabelle’s cake. Here she is icing it on the morning of the party. It was election day so naturally she went to the polling booth dressed like this (drawn on mo and all!)

princess and pirate party 035

Joining in with Our Creative Spaces– to see what others have been making go here.

Jenny x

Monday, 28 November 2011

A Princess and Pirate Party

On Saturday we hosted a Princess and Pirate Party to celebrate Isabelle’s first and Noah’s third birthdays.

I forgot how stressful hosting a party can be – and I’m not talking about preparation. (Princess and pirate themes are pretty easy really – lots of food lends itself to the princess theme: marshmallows, cupcakes, strawberries; and if you stick a pirate flag in anything eg: sausage rolls, cupcakes etc it looks like a boat– I will share more of the preparation details in my creative space post later this week. )

My Mum helped a lot on the day and both her and my Mother-in-law did dishes and tidied up, making clean up a breeze. So that was low stress too – the stress that I’m referring to is the feeling during the party that you can’t be everywhere at once and you hope everyone is enjoying themselves.

But, from what I can surmise, it went well. The sun shone, kids played and adults chatted.  

princess and pirate party 008princess and pirate party 011princess and pirate party 012princess and pirate party 049princess and pirate party 015princess and pirate party 039princess and pirate party 017princess and pirate party 018princess and pirate party 023princess and pirate party 043princess and pirate party 038 princess and pirate party 044

    • Princess Isabelle wears: headband- pumpkin patch, pink merino onesie – JK kids, floral top – made by me, tutu skirt- cotton-on kids, shoes- bobux.}
    • Pirate Noah wears: Pirate play crown – heartfelt, T-shirt – a gift from a friend, pirate shorts – made by me, mambo jandals – the warehouse, no glasses – courtesy of both him and Isabelle chewing the nose rests! grrrr! }

princess and pirate party 013princess and pirate party 035princess and pirate party 014

For Birthday cakes – Noah had pirate cupcakes (the flags were free printables found on Pinterest – more on that and a link in a later post) and Isabelle had the most gorgeous cake pictured above made by my Mum.

I think the doll looks like a certain little someone, don’t you?

Well, I think I have well and truly made up for my lack of posts for a bit … but will be back with more details in a later post.

Jen x

I’m back! … and the winner is…!

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Congratulations to Tehila (the Gonen) … winner of the Wooden Toy Store Giveaway! I’m sure you will get a lot of use out of this lovely toy!

Thanks again to the lovely people at the wooden toy store for making this giveaway possible!

On another note; I’m back – my internet is finally back up and running. I would say that I’ve had internet withdrawals (but don’t want to come across as a complete addict!) But where I would normally google a recipe or look for a phone number on the internet, this last week I’ve had to resort to such things as recipe and phone books – shock horror! And I have missed blogging too … which is why in these next couple of days you may get hit by a barrage of posts from me … including a bit about the Princess and Pirate Party we hosted in the weekend.

Seeya in a bit!

Jenny x

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Last day for my Wooden Toy Store Giveaway tomorrow!

Sorry for my absence of late. My internet has been and still is down this week. (Hopefully not for much longer!)

I'm just briefly popping in (on my Mum's computer) to remind you of my AWESOME giveaway which finishes tomorrow at 6pm.

Get your entry in now! And don't forget that if you mention it in a blog post, linking back then you get another entry (as long as you add another comment saying that you have done so!)

That is all.

I hope to back on the world wide web ASAP!

Jen x