Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Last Friday I officially resigned from my (paid) job after finishing my 12 months maternity leave. (When Noah was 8 months old I went back to work 2 days a week.)

It’s funny because in the reality of my day-to-day life this means little but it definitely has made me think – especially how that nice little fortnightly cash injection was pretty handy!

As a stay at home Mum (SAHM), I often get asked “What do you do all day?”

I used to wonder this about SAHMs myself.

When this question is asked it is so easy to almost jump down the persons throat in almost attacking/ defensive way and moan about how busy/ hard your life is. But I don’t want to do this as this only gives half the picture. It’s so cliché to say but it really is a all encompassing but rewarding job.

  • Sure I don’t get performance reviews, pay rises and bonuses BUT I get a little boy who tells me everyday how much he loves me (and a little girl who can’t yet but climbs my legs just to get an extra cuddle.077
  • Yes, I don’t get paid in money, but I get paid in kisses and hugs!


  • In a lot of ways I’m stripped of a lot of freedom (it can be hard to even go to the toilet/ have a shower by yourself). But at the same time we have all the freedom in the world most days to do whatever we want (we are only tied down to time commitments we make.)


  • Some (most) days can be extremely exhausting – both physically and mentally, but it is so easy to forget that many days after work I felt like this too … at least now I manage to get my washing done during the day (I could never have the energy to do it after work and it would mount up ‘til the weekend.)
  • Often my day does feel like it revolves around cycles – dishwasher, washing and also the good old sleep/ change/ feed cycle – I also have to remember that I’m growing and training what will hopefully one day be amazing adults who are caring to others, hardworking and love their God so that (if they can have kids) this cycle can continue – how’s that for job satisfaction?


(These photos are a few months old now – but they are so darn cute!)

  • Although being a stay at home Mum can be relentless, without breaks and holidays … if I had a holiday from the kids I would miss them so badly (and want to share every exciting moment with them.) – I bet most people wouldn’t be able to say that about their work places, colleagues! he he!

I often find myself getting caught up in a bit of moaning (especially to Andrew) about how hard my day was – I think to in a way validate what I do, seek approval… but when I do this it mitigates all the beautiful moments that I’m never going to get again (and how lucky I am to have the opportunity to stay home with my kids – not everyone has this option.)

As they say, the days can be long, but the years are short.

And for a window into my life at home with the kids here is my Facebook status update from this morning :

Jenny Young

‎3 things I have learnt today:
1) Rubbish day is tomorrow (after missioning the recycling and rubbish bags to the front gate at 7:30 this morning);
2) Noah thinks tackling (in rugby) is actually 'tickling' (that would be an interesting game of rugby to watch!); and
3) The reason I always have orange hair/ fur on my tooth brush is because 'tigger' likes to brush his teeth with it (at least good dental hygiene principals have been instilled?)
At this rate I wonder what the rest of the day will hold?


Jo said...

Oh wow - congratulations (I think?!?!) It is a weird feeling isn't it. Beautiful photos

Sally said...

Oh so good to know that Tigger has good dental hygene ;)
Yep - SAHMing is a mixed bag - but everything is. After learning that I was pregnant this year I returned to work full time because yep we needed some extra cash for the new person but also because it would be easier than staying at home with the pre-schooler and toddler. I'm so glad to be home again though looking after my smalls. Time is flying by too fast!