Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Some random thoughts on a Wednesday

* The most common search term to find my blog is seagull(s)!

Obviously relating to this post. This totals around 40 searches now, of which mostly are google image searches. In this week so far 11 people have reached my blog through seagull related searches including “seagull yelling” , “seagull close call.” I was unaware that seagulls could yell.

I find this all rather amusing.

* If you accidently throw a disposable nappy in the washing machine with the reusable ones it creates a terrible mess!

* Today I picked up this little guy from the op- shop (after regretting passing on him on a previous visit.)



So it’s a hippo stool, who cares? You might say. But this little guy has some sentimental value to me. I had one as a kid and we lived next to a forest. I used to run through the forest ‘hippo hunting’ (finding and standing on tree stumps which I called hippos like our stool at home).

This hippo didn’t have eyes so I drew some on with a Sharpie for him. Yes, he is sleeping – I didn’t trust my extremely limited drawing abilities to draw open eyes on. And, ‘he’ is probably be a ‘she’ given the lusciousness of those lashes. (However both my son and husband have much more luscious lashes than me, so who knows?)

* We have had some crazy weather here – some sunny weather during the day but 2 thunderstorms in 2 days (tonight’s one was jump out of your skin kind of stuff!)

* My kids LOVE macaroni cheese


… Judging from the amount and speed at which dinner tonight was consumed and the silence and concentration throughout!

* We are so close to finishing 'the quilt'

Mum took it off my hands tonight so she can hand sew the binding to the back.

Here’s a sneak peak (this from when I was sewing the binding to the front earlier today.)


What have you been up to / thinking about today ?

Jen x

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Anonymous said...

Interesting! I have not tried a search on little poppa yet..I wonder what it will yield :)

Cute hippo..our oldest two had one when they were younger and it came in so handy with toilet training.

Your quilt is looking great...I've been doing some sewing today also.