Sunday, 9 October 2011

Op– shopping with ‘The Friends’

I had some awesome friends stay at our house last night. They are old school buddies up from Wellington on a road trip. In preparation for them coming I told Noah that my friends were coming and their names were: Hannah, Sarah and Alicia. Noah repeated back: “Hammer, Seza and Lezi” – and then decided that collectively they were going to be called “the friends” and that name stuck.

In fact I was woken this morning by a very concerned Noah who wondered where “the friends” had gone. I proved to him that they were still here, we breakfasted, hung out for a bit and then hit the Hastings op-shops on foot. (It’s awesome to have friends who enjoy op- shopping as much as I do – in fact Alicia is the original op- shop Queen from way back.)

It was a highly successful mission and soon the children were made to exit double buggy to make way for all our treasures. (Actually it just worked out that way!)

Sarah was definitely the most successful here are some pictures of her finds:



An amazing picnic hamper/ basket. Amazing old school charm but with modern conveniences – it has a zip up keep your stuff / cool compartment! It was missing plates and glasses so she bought them separately. I just love the little blue plates! All up : $14! Bargain.



She also scored 3 awesome crocheted cushions. (Love the little ‘photo- bomber!’)

I have to say that I’m a wee bit envious of both your bargains and your camera, Sarah!


I didn’t get photos of the other’s bargains as they were heading off and the kids needed attending to. However they both did well too.

As for me, here are my finds:




A cool book of planes and trains stencils, retro baby girl’s togs, some fabric, a grey cardie and (possibly my favourite) a book with gorgeous vintage illustrations called : “God gives us sunlight.” I haven’t decided whether to cut this up and frame some of the gorgeous pictures or keep it as it is? Dilemma.

Also Noah got a tiny little pot to play cooking – and (although not from the op – shops but on the same mission) wooden plates and cutlery set. These were half price in the bargain bin of this dangerous shop.


Thank you God for sunlight (and good friends to enjoy it with!)

Jen x

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Anonymous said...

That picnic hamper is definitely a great score!!
Sounds like a successful op shop weekend :)


ps..I'm from WGTN