Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My Creative Space : Holly’s Quilt

I have mentioned before that my Mum and I loosely committed to making a quilt for my Sister, Holly’s Birthday. It is her birthday over Labour Weekend. This is very close, I know! Despite the loose commitment (I told her that she may get it for this birthday, or Christmas or the next birthday, or Christmas… – you get the point); we really want to get it finished to give to her next weekend.

For that reason, this blog post is going to be short but sweet – so I can spend more time sewing up a storm. (Although I will probably end up procrastinating anyway – I blame Pinterest and all it’s distracting inspiration!)



quilt 'to do'

(Not the best photos sorry – the lighting/ weather wasn’t co-operating. And do you like my nifty drawing – it’s for my Mum’s use.)

To see what other amazing creative people have made this week see here.

And wish us luck and super-human speedy quilt making skills. (I have never quilted a queen sized quilt before and am a little nervous – I found a single sized one heaps of fabric to handle). Any hints from experienced quilters out there would be much appreciated!

Jenny x


Fay said...

It looks great so far. Hope you get it finished in time.

Cat said...

It is looking fantastic - good luck with finishing it on time

Sally said...

Yep! I really do love the drawing. I love the quilt top even more. Good luck getting it all done in time. Oh yeah - and beautiful fabrics too.

Sarah said...

I found this post through the creative spaces link, and just thought I'd let you know that I think this quilt top is lovely! Keep at it because I'm sure your sister will love it x