Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My Creative Space : Holly’s Quilt (Finished!)


If you are a regular reader of my blog you would have heard me mention (repeatedly) the quilt my  Mum and I were making for my Sister, Holly's birthday, which we celebrated in the long weekend. (Actually you’re probably sick of me mentioning it!)

We finished it officially on Saturday and Holly loves it. Mum and I are pretty happy with the result also (and I’m choosing to overlook the occasional pucker – man it’s hard to quilt a quilt of that size!)

While making it I kept thinking that it was a significant birthday for Holly. It isn’t in terms of being a significant number – not one that ends in ‘0’ (that’s me next year starting with a 3 –yikes! Holly’s just a spring chicken.) But it is in the fact that we are very lucky to still have Holly with us after the February Earthquake in Christchurch.

Happy Birthday Hollykins!

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Fay said...

The quilt is gorgeous! Happy Birthday Holly.

Vintage Mum said...

Wishing Holly a happy birthday - the quilt is beautiful, I can see why she was happy with it and it's all the more special that it's made my you and your Mum