Sunday, 23 October 2011

Holly’s Birthday (and a bit of a rugby game)




We had a great weekend celebrating my sister Holly’s birthday and enjoying her visit up from Wellington.

Highlights include :

* Never-ending feasting;

*lazing/ hammocking (apparently not a word) at Mum’s house;

* a finished quilt ( I will share more photos on Thursday as part of Our Creative Spaces

* enjoying coffees/ fluffies / wine at Clearview Estate (a great child friendly place to go with an awesome playground);

* Noah blowing out lots of candles. (He even singed his blonde locks at one point) – I think he thought it was all about him!


* … And of course the minor detail of the All Blacks winning the RWC 2011! A bit too close for my comfort – but a win nonetheless!

We hosted Mum and Holly at our house for the game and blackout clothing hilarity ensued. My photos are shocking (Mum’s are better) so this is all I’ll be sharing for now :


Have a great rest of this long weekend!


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend :)
Wasn't yesterday's game a nail biting one?