Thursday, 6 October 2011

Black and Blue

Yesterday was a bit of a black and blue day.

Firstly the Black and Blue :

My little Isabelle fell out of her high chair yesterday morning. I saw it happen in slow motion and couldn’t stop it. She landed right on her forehead. I can’t get that picture out of my mind … and the sound of that sickening thud. Although I couldn’t stop it when it was happening, I feel terrible because I could have prevented it. The belt on our highchair is broken, which hasn’t been a problem until now – but I knew how increasingly mobile Isabelle was getting and I mentioned to Andrew the day before that she was starting to stand in her chair. But I put her in it anyway. And stupidly assumed that the couple of wine biscuits would distract her for a minute or two while I prepared her breakfast. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I bet myself up about it all day yesterday and had a pretty bad day (also not helped by a splitting headache!) – this is part of ‘the blue’, my mood.

However, on the positive side of things – Isabelle was remarkably ok. I coated her head in Arnica cream, tried to apply a bag of frozen peas (which she tried to eat – I took this as a good sign.) And then she wanted to eat and play. She went down for her morning sleep at the normal time and I kept checking on her repeatedly.

You probably can see from the pictures below a bruise on her left side (these are from a couple of hours after the incident) – although from the nastiness of the fall I expected a lot worse. Today she is 100% better (I reckon it’s the Arnica – which Andrew calls ‘hippy cream’). I have even cancelled a doctors appointment made for today because she looks and is acting so good. Needless to say I have not put her back in the offending high chair, and will not do so until I fix it (which I am hoping to do today – update: have now made a new strap.) That lesson is well and truly learnt!





These photos are also another attempt by me to showcase 'the skirt' – again this proved a hard task with such a wriggly subject. (You can see why we think she handled that fall pretty well!)

The Blue :



I mentioned yesterday that Noah had ‘commissioned’ me to make him a blue owl. Well, with his help (he picked the fabric and hovered over me while I cut it out) this guy was made. He’s my fav.

I finished stuffing and sewing him up over breakfast this morning and Noah then ran round the house yelling : “ HOOT, HOOT!” And smothering him in kisses.


… Because every kid needs a toy that matches their clothing. (Can you tell where the owl ends and the boy begins?)

As for my blue mood? Well the headache’s gone, I had a good sleep last night and have fixed the high chair strap.


That’s the old broken one underneath. I’d like to see Houdini/ Macguiver get out of the new one!

Have a good weekend all!

Jen x


Anonymous said...

I saw a similar incident at the park recently..a little boy probably 18mths was climbing to the top ladder of the playground and fell off head first landing on his back. You could see it was about to happen but were useless to get there in time. His mum reassured me he was okay but I couldn't sleep that night as every time I closed my eyes I saw him falling *shudder* Glad your little Miss is okay :)

Loving the blue owl.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how fast they can be isnt it!!! I cant even think of the number of times or situations I 'could' have prevented if only my children were not as smart as they are!!!!! :) Glad your feeling better, these things happen huh, your little miss is beautiful. Love the owls and super cute the wee 'HOOT HOOT', Noah looks cute as in his glasses

shorty said...

Oh noes! Glad to hear she is on the mend. Funny, exactly the same thing happened to our highchair which is from exactly the same place I believe. One of the prongs came off and I fixed it myself fortunately, before my little Houdini could escape. I think I'll write them a courtesy email to pass on to their suppliers, 'cause who wants a bargain if it's crap. But yes as someone else said, these things happen! just when you turn your back they get a good ol' bump!