Friday, 28 October 2011

Dear Poppa …


(my interpretation of Noah’s artwork – which I hope to become a reality in the not so distant future – perhaps early next year?)

… I would have also drawn us but given my (limited) drawing abilities I’m pretty sure crawling Isabelle and Susie (Poppa’s dog) would have been indistinguishable.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My Creative Space : Holly’s Quilt (Finished!)


If you are a regular reader of my blog you would have heard me mention (repeatedly) the quilt my  Mum and I were making for my Sister, Holly's birthday, which we celebrated in the long weekend. (Actually you’re probably sick of me mentioning it!)

We finished it officially on Saturday and Holly loves it. Mum and I are pretty happy with the result also (and I’m choosing to overlook the occasional pucker – man it’s hard to quilt a quilt of that size!)

While making it I kept thinking that it was a significant birthday for Holly. It isn’t in terms of being a significant number – not one that ends in ‘0’ (that’s me next year starting with a 3 –yikes! Holly’s just a spring chicken.) But it is in the fact that we are very lucky to still have Holly with us after the February Earthquake in Christchurch.

Happy Birthday Hollykins!

And to see what other creative people have made go here (linking in with ‘Our Creative Spaces.’)


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

“The best dinner ever, ever!” (According to my toddler)




We had a pretty uneventful day just cleaning and relaxing after a busy weekend. We also had a pretty late lunch so I decided we were having an easy tea : dippy eggs/ soft boiled eggs with toast soldiers. They turned out slightly undercooked. (I love runny yolks but runny whites – not so much!)

However Noah did not mind at all and declared it the best meal I’d ever made. Bless him!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Holly’s Birthday (and a bit of a rugby game)




We had a great weekend celebrating my sister Holly’s birthday and enjoying her visit up from Wellington.

Highlights include :

* Never-ending feasting;

*lazing/ hammocking (apparently not a word) at Mum’s house;

* a finished quilt ( I will share more photos on Thursday as part of Our Creative Spaces

* enjoying coffees/ fluffies / wine at Clearview Estate (a great child friendly place to go with an awesome playground);

* Noah blowing out lots of candles. (He even singed his blonde locks at one point) – I think he thought it was all about him!


* … And of course the minor detail of the All Blacks winning the RWC 2011! A bit too close for my comfort – but a win nonetheless!

We hosted Mum and Holly at our house for the game and blackout clothing hilarity ensued. My photos are shocking (Mum’s are better) so this is all I’ll be sharing for now :


Have a great rest of this long weekend!


Thursday, 20 October 2011

A day at the Hawkes Bay Show (photo heavy!)

For the rest of New Zealand (and the world), today was just another Friday. But for the Hawkes Ba (our home), it was our region’s anniversary day, and the third day of the annual Hawkes Bay Show. So the kids and I headed along with Nana to see what all the fuss was about…







… Sorry about all the photos – can you tell that we had an absolute blast?

The photos pretty much speak for themselves, but I should also say that the weather was really hot and yes I did ride the ‘Super Loop!’ Although I’m a daredevil when it comes to these kind of things I really had to exert a lot of energy on this ride to stay in my seat. They left you hanging upside for what felt like FOREVER with only a foam bar across my lap (with about 2 arm’s width space between me and it.) I literally had to press on the roof and kind of hook my legs in to stay in. The designer of the ride obviously knew that this was a possibility as a cage was around the whole thing. I’ve done the giant drop and tower of terror before, but this was hands down one of the scariest experiences of my life!

I’m planning on keeping my feet planted firmly on the ground for the rest of this long weekend. Have a good one, and go the All Blacks! (And Wales!)

Jen x