Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sewing While Spectating

I have mentioned before that I enjoy craft projects that I can do in front of the TV. This weekend I enjoyed doing a spot of sewing while watching a couple of the Rugby World Cup games – which in my opinion is the ultimate!

Watching sport together is something Andrew and I enjoy to do. I grew up enjoying watching cricket and rugby with my Dad on TV – I enjoyed the games but I think probably the Father- daughter bonding (and the special treats of Bundaberg ginger beer) even more. I have memories of  Rugby World Cups of years gone by where my Dad would tape a game that was in the middle of the night and we would get up at 6am before school and work and watch it together. These are happy childhood memories – and probably account for a lot of the reasons why I enjoy watching sport with Andrew so much. Andrew and I also talked rugby a bit before we started going out (during the 1999 RWC). We were both shy teenagers and I think it was probably the closest thing we came to flirting (I think I was secretly trying to impress him with my basic knowledge of the game.)

Despite this common bond over rugby and sport in general, both Andrew and I have become a bit ‘disenfranchised’ with NZ rugby over the last few years. I guess we just remember days before rugby went professional (which was necessary, but things do change both for better and worse when that much $ is involved), the proper old school shirts (that seemed a bit more hardy), and when all rugby was on free to air TV. I guess sometimes the common peoples game just seems a bit more elite and inaccessible now. So it would be fair to say that both of us hadn’t really got that excited about rugby games these last few years.

That is until this World Cup – this year just feels different. I guess it’s just the atmosphere with having it here in NZ and an a feeling that one of the underdogs might give one of the bigger teams a run for its money. It kind of feels like the whole country is bonding over rugby – just like the good old days!

We watched a fair bit of rugby this weekend and while watching some of the non- NZ games I multitasked by doing a bit of hand sewing / embroidery on some onesies I had appliqued for Isabelle …





I had bought the 5 pack of onesies earlier in the week from the Warehouse for $10 – that works out at $2 a piece, bargain! The quality is not as good as I had hoped though (they are a little thinner than some of the same brand I had previously bought for Noah.)

I used my magic iron on interfacing stuff and some scraps of some Alexander Henry bird fabric and then just hand stitched as I felt inclined. This really is a very easy and simple project (I am all about maximum results for minimum effort!) Going at a leisurely pace it took the Australia v Italy game plus a small part of the South Africa v Wales game, plus ironing time.

Noah, not to be left out got this :



Obviously not ‘Official RWC’ merchandise, but a good use of a scrap of Ingrid Anderson kiwi fabric that I had lying around and not bad for 20 minutes work I think. (Black would have been a better choice of T-shirt – see marmite marks above, but this was a freebie!)

Besides, he now he can show support for his favourite team the “Black Blacks” , as he calls them!

We’re helping create great childhood memories for him too, I think!

Jen x

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Heart Felt said...

Well done you...I do the same thing, watch movies while sewing. Fabulous multi tasking mamas. J.xx