Thursday, 15 September 2011

Pizza Animals

I know, I know I'm blogging about and eating pizza two days in a row! Well, I’m sorry about that but it just kind of happened.

I realised after breakfast that we were totally out of bread and milk and so decided to make pizzas for lunch. (Sometimes if we run out of bread and I can’t be bothered going straight to the shops I make scones or something , but they need milk, and as pizza dough doesn’t I made it instead – another reason homemade pizza is awesome!)

Anyway, I made the dough while Noah played with his play dough and little animal shape cutters… and then one thing led to another … and… these creatures (and a couple of regular pizzas) emerged…

pizza animals 001

pizza animals 002pizza animals 003

A pizza croc, giraffe and cow (yeah it’s a little hard to tell) but Noah thought they were AWESOME! (And he’s the food critic I was aiming to please.)

Jen x

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Heart Felt said...

Cute idea! Pizza is a fav in our house too ~ I agree, nothing like homemade! J.xx