Wednesday, 28 September 2011

My Creative Space – Fabric Covered Coat Hangers

I’m linking in with our creative spaces this week … I may do this frequently or infrequently (we’ll see how we go.)

Last night and today I have been working on fabric covered coat hangers.


I’ve been trying to motivate myself to do some ‘practical sewing’. I always seem to make pretty little dresses etc that are possibly a bit impractical for my little dust collecting crawler, whereas I feel that I should be sewing singlets, and hoodies for next Winter. So what did I do? Decided to make perhaps the most whimsical and unnecessary (although that is a matter of opinion) item ever – fabric covered coat hangers.

I got a set of 6 wooden coat hangers from the op-shop for $1.50, then googled how to cover them, with the result being the discovery of this tutorial … which of course I then ‘pinned’.









I found the template given in the pattern really small (even given the kid size hangers I was using so lengthened it a bit). All the fabrics I used were either thrifted or gifted and the the ribbons were left overs from this project.

It was a super easy and quick project, and if I see anymore cheap wooden hangers I’m going to snap them up to make some more as gifts.




It turns out it wasn’t such an impractical project after all as Isabelle did need more coat hangers anyway although only a couple more – which means I may have to sew a couple more impractical pretty dresses to fill up the surplus hangers !?!

… Cheesy self taken portrait (note our matching stripes!) …


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And have a great day!

Jen x


Anonymous said...

OMG...I love those hangers!! I am really kicking myself for by passing a bunch of them for a few dollars a couple of weeks ago.

Leonie said...

Love how you have covered these. I bought a pack at the oppy the other day for $1 and I have just started covering them too.

sascedar said...

hangers to match pretty dresses? sounds totally necessary to me;)

Stella said...

They look so cute! I actually have some wooden hangers, maybe I will make some of these one day too...

Susan said...

these are just lovely! just perfect for hanging up all the pretty dresses!

Pam said...

Fabric covered coathangers are so much better than plastic. You've done a great job on yours. Of course you'll have to make extra dresses so there's no coathangers left unused.

Tracy said...

Oh my word.....your story is my story!! I also have 6 cheap wooden hangers....and I just LOVE what you have done with yours!! But where do I find the pattern, and how to's etc etc?