Tuesday, 6 September 2011

List of the Week : 29 Ways to Stay Creative

So I cheated this week and borrowed this list :

These are my favourites:

    • Make lists (obviously) and writing ideas down
    • Counting your blessings
    • Practice, practice, practice, quit beating yourself up, take risks and allow yourself to make mistakes – For me these are all quite related. To use sewing as an example because I’ve been doing a bit of that lately, I tend to get really gutted if I make something and it doesn’t turn out exactly to plan since I put all that effort in. But I’m trying to look at it as more of a learning experience, just a step in the bettering of my skills and besides I’m meant to be having fun!
    • Get away from the computer. This is an interesting one. I was reading someone’s comment on the original video who disagreed with this one as they said that they got all their ideas from the internet! While the internet is a GREAT source of creative inspiration (eg: other’s blogs, Pinterest etc) – it is good to get away from the computer and get inspiration from elsewhere, otherwise its pretty hard to have a completely original idea.
    • Finish something – yay did that yesterday! (But this is definitely not always the case with me!

I need to work on (many of these, but especially):

    • Get lots of rest
    • Clean your workspace – currently working on getting a workspace … have a space in mind and a sewing desk that I want. (Did you know Mocka do adult furniture now? And so affordable too!) But today’s project is cleaning up the mountains of fabric etc that have been in use recently!
    • Singing in the Shower – used to do this when I was younger – definitely have to bring it back!

I hope you like this list as much as me …. incidently here is a picture/ list form of it ( although slightly different) – I found this on Pinterest and that lead me to find the video.

Well, I’m going to get away from the computer to clean up fabric and sing in the shower…(perhaps I’ll have another cup of coffee first – but I don’t think I’ll read a page of the dictionary!)

Have a wonderfully creative day!

Jenny x


shorty said...

Love it! (I looove lists!!)
I also think getting away from the computer is key to my creativity because an hour spent on the laptop is an hour I'm not making, creating, DOING things.

(also... Pinterest. I tried to sign up but the page wouldn't refresh or something. Is it worth checking out?)

Miriam said...

Love this! Also really enjoyed having a read through your other posts as well esp the one about clothes.