Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Kid Crafts

This afternoon while Isabelle was sleeping, Noah and I did some painting outside. We painted paper and stones … and Noah painted part of his legs too (unintentionally).

kid crafts 021kid crafts 004

kid crafts 006

The idea to paint stones originally came from Noah, who always ends up painting the stones we use as paper weights when its windy.

… And I’d been wanting to get/ make some markers for my vegie garden that were better than the standard sticks/ marker thingies that come with the plant (and always seem to either blow away or get dug up by the neighbour’s cat who uses our garden as it’s toilet – grrr !)

So Noah painted some stones and once they dried I wrote the name of each plant with a paint pen.

kid crafts 013

kid crafts 014kid crafts 015kid crafts 018

… And, just so the strawberry plants weren’t left out we made these :

kid crafts 011

kid crafts 008

While we getting our hands dirty I thought we better try this awesome idea from Angela from Striking Keys (masking tape letters.)

To appreciate the coolness of this idea, first scroll back up to the picture of the paintings drying on the washing line. See that painting on the right? Now look below :

kid crafts 026

I LOVE (ha!) how this turned out.

It’s currently pride of place blu-tacked to the kitchen cupboard. I would love to frame it in a white frame and put it our bedroom. It especially makes me smile because its the first artwork that Noah’s made expressing his love for me. (Although that’s a bit of a stretch because he was totally unaware of the hidden masking tape expression of love when he went nuts with the paint brush on it!)

He’s told me he “Wuvs me” about 10 times today already (while painting and when I gave him treats) – so I’m going to claim it! Isn’t it ironic that (typically) when they’re old enough to express their love for you in written form, it’s not so cool anymore?

There are so many cool kids craft ideas out there. I’m going have to try this awesome idea out sometime and also check out this and this courtesy of Pinterest (and both involving painted stones.)

I better go, dinner preparation calls.

Jen x

Please feel free to comment or tell me your kid craft ideas/ links etc – I love your comments

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Anonymous said...

Love the painted stone idea!!!! and I think the painting would look awesome framed. Last year we spent the morning looking for interesting things in the garden, leafs etc, then painted them to see what different patterns they would make on paper. great post, thanks for sharing :)