Sunday, 4 September 2011

Father’s Day / Weekend Festivities

On Friday I declared the whole weekend to be “Father’s Weekend.”

  • Our Weekend soundtrack was old school Fat Freddies Drop. (Its amazing how you can still remember most of the words after all the years … “Spark to the fire push to the flame, mentally project, positive … something, something” … – I’m all about mumbling/ making up the words if you don’t know them and continuing to sing loud and proud in the car!) 
  • Our Weekend Menu (highlights) include: Pancakes, a picnic at the park, my craving for $10 of wontons, pancakes again, an antipasto platter, brandy snaps and strawberries. A veritable culinary feast. We are all on detox for the rest of the week.

We had a great afternoon at the park on Saturday … here are some pics of the weekend :


We got Andrew a smoker which hopefully come in useful this Summer when he gets more into his fly fishing.



Happy Father’s Day Andrew, thanks for a great weekend and for being a great “Daddah!”

Also Happy Father’s Day to my Dad (“Poppa”) and Andrew’s Dad (“Granddad”)

Love Jenny, Noah and Isabelle xox


How did you spend Father’s Day / Weekend?

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