Sunday, 25 September 2011

Duvet re-style – a tutorial of sorts

Picnik collage

I am keenly aware that Isabelle is only 10 months old, still in her cot and will be for a little while yet, but when op-shopping I often was on the lookout for a duvet or spare for the kids that is in good condition and reasonably simple (not covered all over with cartoon characters – not that I have anything against them but sometimes they look overdone and can become babyish overtime).

So when I saw this stripey number last week for $6, I snapped it up. I felt it needed a bit of ‘jushing up’ (and I wanted to tie it in with her quilt that I hope will become a throw when when she gets in her big bed) so I set about basically just sewing lines of ribbon/ ric rac or other trim either next to or on the existing lines. That is the beauty of using a striped duvet for this project – you can use the lines as guides for straightness.



The word ‘tutorial’ used above really is false advertising as this is more of an idea. It is too simple to really call it a tutorial. However, if you do decide to attempt this idea yourself then I offer the following hints/ thoughts :

- Try and find a duvet that has horizontal stripes instead. These vertical ones felt very long and I was swimming in fabric near the end of each line.

- If like me you are a little lazy time poor and don’t want to spend lots of money on trims then : sew only one side (I did) and sew only select stripes. I started at the end with the duvet opening and folded the lose ends inside this – and soon discovered that the opening didn’t extend right down to the corners so I didn’t put trims along the edge stripes (if that makes sense?)

- Take care not to sew both layers of fabric together!

- If all else fails just pimp a pillow case instead!

duvet collage 2

Picnik collage 4


You can see by the number of photos that I’m quite pleased with it (well that and I’ve discovered Picnik collages.)  And the girl? As you can see she enjoyed crawling on it for a short time and then scuttled off to eat dirt! (Clearly very impressed!)

Jen x


Jenny said...

Perhaps not the most clear before and after photos sorry! *sigh*

Penny said...

gorgeous! what a fantastic idea, I too am all in favour of the quick and easy revamp process :)