Monday, 19 September 2011

A Dear Hat for a Sweet Boy


Today I made this little hat for Noah from this AWESOME tutorial (the “Eddie Cap”).

Mine is definitely not perfect (especially when you compare it to the original!) The pattern calls for medium to thick weighted fabric and in the tutorial wool is used. I used some wool I picked up while op shopping the other day, but mine is stretch and I’m pretty confident the wool used in the tut is not which could account for some of the differences, plus the fact that I resized it smaller (and human error on my part of course!)

But it is definitely growing on me and pretty good for a first go, I think. I can also imagine Noah having a Summer one of these made out of canvas and another Winter one from an old Swandri or something. We’ll see.

I don’t not what possessed me to think Winter sewing again – probably this yucky weather we’ve had these last couple of days. Come back sunshine!




For some reason Noah was shying away from the paparazzi today and therefore his face is not properly shown in many (if any) of the shots I took. This was unintentional but actually helps show of the hat, I thought.

Perhaps he has a successful career ahead of him as a hat model?

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Jo said...

Super cute, well done you.