Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Ta da!

Remember this?

sewing etc 001

Well I’ve been busy these last few days sanding, priming and painting… with the end result being this :

drawers 009

drawers 011drawers 012

drawers 014

drawers 032

drawers 025

I’m super happy with the result. There are some areas where my paint job is not perfect, but I’m choosing to overlook these. The drawers really suit the rest of Isabelle’s room – and just because I feel like it (and am pretty proud of how her room looks) I thought I’d show you some more…

drawers 027drawers 017drawers 019drawers 030



Can you tell I love having a little girl?

drawers 002

Have a good day!

Jen x


Jo said...

WOW - Check you out! That is super cool. Well done

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what a lick of paint can do...great transformation!!

btw...where did you get your drawer knobs?


Anonymous said...

Hi, have just come across your blog and spent the last hour reading, love it!!! Draws look amazing am hoping to get my wee girls done this spring. Thanks for an awesome blog read :)

Vintage Mum said...

ditto what Stace said! love the blog and the drawers - I have a set that I've been meaning to do up for Mr4 BUT I have just never gotten round to it - wish I could put pretty knobs on it, don't think he'd be that impressed though!

Heart Felt said...

Fantastic job ~ love the handles very much> J.x

Frater Family said...

Jenny You are AMAZING! the Drawers look awesome! I sit and wonder to myself. How the heck do you find the time! You are super Mum!
Love Ya

Jenny said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. I am really happy with the result. Sometimes projects don't go to plan - but this went well.

Mrs F - I'm not really a super Mum... in the case of this project I enlisted the help of a super Nana (my Mum) who baby sat, helped me paint and provided me with the paint... and Isabelle still sleeps quite a bit during the day and Noah got parked in front of the TV a little bit ... which freed me a up a bit.