Sunday, 21 August 2011

Shiny. New. Toy!

At the risk of sounding materialistic, I just want to talk about my our shiny new toy for a moment!

An interior designer I like says that every room should have at least a tiny bit of red in it, to make it “pop!”

I couldn’t agree more!

Aug 20-22 011

Loving the retro red!

Best thing is – it was a freebie. Andrew got it free with a computer he needed for work.

Aug 20-22 014Aug 20-22 016

Noah thinks it is his ‘Fluffy Machine!’

The only downside, is that this thing literally eats your milk. There have also been some 'customer’ complaints about this ‘cafe’s’ lack of "marmoes" … awww well, might have to swing past the supermarket some time today to (re)stock!

Happy coffee/ fluffy-ing!

Jen x

P.S.  In other news we pick up Noah’s glasses (pronounced ‘gar-gees’) today! … And nothing whatsoever to do with this post but check out this cutie from the weekend:

Aug 20-22 003Aug 20-22 004

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Jo said...

Ooooolalaaaaaa Love it.