Friday, 5 August 2011

Pin–Real–Life : Elmo Cupcakes


I’ve been meaning to get into the pin-real-life business for a wee while now. It looks a lot of fun and I have a few Pinterest inspired projects planned anyway. However as they mainly involve Summer sewing for me and a decent amount of time and effort, I haven’t managed to get round to it.

Sometimes Noah and I play a little game when I’m browsing the net where he hops on my knee and say: “Mickey Mouse” or “Buzz” or whoever, and then I will google or search on you tube for clips or pictures of his favourite characters. Yesterday I was browsing Pinterest when Noah hopped up on my knee and said “Elmo”. A search of “Elmo” on Pinterest resulted in the discovery of this – the ‘pinspiration’ – Elmo Cupcakes! …

Which resulted in this:

Don’t compare the original with mine – lets just say I was going for the messy furry icing look, and I had the assistance of a very excited ‘helper’ (eater). My husband (my biggest critic also pointed out that the original ones had orange jaffas while mine were red. To which I replied “take it up with Cadbury” (after all the packaging says “Orange coated, chocolate filled.”)

But all in all they were pretty well received in our house (considering how quickly they are disappearing!)

elmo 002

- Not really a laughing matter, but I couldn’t resist…

I also thought I’d share today’s thrifty finds with you. We snagged a small (almost kid size) wicker picnic hamper with plastic plates and cups (Noah thinks the cups make great towers – see below). I have visions of this hamper housing a cute little tea-set for Isabelle in a year or two (but we will see.) We also got a retro biscuit tin which I filled with some 20 cent books. Pretty good for $8 all up. 

elmo 012

All in all, a pretty productive and fun filled day!

I will try and put my pic in the pinterest flickr group – but still new to all this stuff so bear with me.

Have a great weekend!

Jen x


Jenny said...

Opps so I made a bung link for Pinterest - it should be

Frater Family said...

Love Noah's face eating those cupcakes! You are one talented, domesticated awesome mummy!!

shorty said...

Oooh exciting stuff! I think Pinterest was broken when I tried to join (nothing to do with me being a dumb user of couuursse!) but I must check it out! love the cupcakes and I totally agree, they are red when they should really be orange!