Thursday, 11 August 2011

List of the Week: Decorative ideas with paper

The list of this week is a little self serving in that I was planning on blogging about my first item on the list (paper bunting) anyway. (Noah and I made this yesterday.)

But then I realised two things; 1) that I hadn’t done a list of the week this week, and 2) I have a few things I have made out of paper that are currently decorating our house which put together amount to a list… and therefore I am able to kill two birds with one stone, as they say.

When you think about it paper is a pretty awesome craft medium. Its cheap and unlike fabric it doesn’t fray and you don’t have to sew it (unless you want to) and therefore can make for some pretty quick, easy yet effective projects.

So without any further ado:

1) Paper Bunting

Noah loves Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Disney characters (along with Elmo, Buzz, Woody, Tigger … the boy’s not fussy!) On one of my recent op shop trips I picked an old well loved (tatty) Mickey Mouse book for 20 cents that I knew had potential for a project like this. There is something about those vintage illustrations in old kids books that makes me go all gooey inside.

For the rest of the flags Noah and I did a little painting …


I tried to make my paintings kind of look like fabric, but at the same time have that perfectly imperfect look (with not perfectly straight lines and that paint brush textured look.) I think I like Noah’s paintings more though, and seeing the amount of enjoyment he got out of it.

After that I just waited until they dried and cut them and the pages of the book I was using out in a triangle template I previously used when I made fabric bunting for Noah when he was a baby. (Yep he’s got double bunting in his room now – perhaps a bit OTT?)

Then wedged each flag between fabric bias binding I had and sewed them in. I would have probably just stapled them to long strips of paper if I had had some lying around the house.

The result … 015

Heaps quicker than fabric bunting and pretty much the same effect.










2) If you like it then you should put a frame on it

(That’s my attempt at a joke.)

Everything looks better in a frame, it makes things look professional. And shops like the Warehouse, Kmart and Briscoes (when on sale … and when are they not having a sale?) , stock some affordable frames.

Here’s some examples of things I’ve framed:


Exhibit A: There’s some of those vintage kids book illustrations again. We had been given this frame and I didn’t know what you use it for and this idea came to me.

Exhibit B: My son is an abstract artist. Putting kids art in a frame makes it look a bit fancy! I think those little yellow handprints make me all gooey even more than the vintage illustrations.

3) Stretch it over canvas


I made this for Noah when he was small. I just used a cute wrapping paper I liked and wrapped it around and glued it down on these three canvases. You could used your child’s art or cool illustrations from old books … etc

4) Make your own graphic art

I love the current trend of art with funny slogans usually made on the computer, and usually characterised by simplicity and bold colours. (Think the “Keep Calm and Carry on” kind of idea.) I recently have been playing round on my computer making some of my own (but that’s a completely different post for the future!)

Anyway, yesterday, as kind of a spin off to my bunting project (I had heaps of our paintings left) - I made this:

Not an original idea or slogan but I’m happy with the result.

I just cut lettering (and some random triangles) out of the paintings we had done earlier and glued them along with the cut out letters at the bottom on plain white paper. And framed it of course.

So that’s my list this week. Short but sweet Smile

Have a great weekend

Jen x


Anonymous said...

Love your list, awesome ideas. The last time me and Pete made a paper bunting with cool pictures he insisted on it being pulled down, so given up with that for a while. I love yours, awesome images and painting. Looks nice hung up, unlike ours on the floor:( x

Heart Felt said...

How much fun is he having painting! Love it. J.xx