Thursday, 25 August 2011

Hello Sunshine!

We have had some glorious weather these last few days. Its been perfect weather for backyard picnics (said nic-nics), washing the sheets, and general outdoorsy - ness.

Cue sunny day photo montage …

aug11 005019







aug11 021


aug11 019024

aug11 009aug11 007

aug11 010aug11 013009


It was warm enough to wear shorts although Noah was insistent on still wearing his gumboots. A very interesting fashion statement especially when there is no gap between the end of your shorts and the start of your boots (as seen in the rugby shots above – did you notice my little future Dan Carter?)

In other news… We had Plunket today and Isabelle now weighs 7.1 kg (petite but perfect), Noah has been wearing his glasses more often than not (yay!) and … he did a wee in the potty last night. I was so shocked I almost did a mini victory dance in the bathroom to celebrate. You will understand why I’m so excited if you’ve read this. Lets home this a sign of things to come!

Have a great weekend!

Jen x


Kristin said...

What adorable kiddies you have! It's been lovely to have some sunshine and a tempt of spring after that hideous cold snap huh? Thanks for all your lovely comments. :o) ~ Kristin

Anonymous said...

Spring is near :)
I sure miss Plunket...and those smurf mugs are almost as adorable as your kids.


Anonymous said...

loving the spring weather too!!! roll on more sunshine :)