Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Fun with Family

The last couple of days the kids and I stayed at my Mum’s (Nana’s) house. We are lucky enough to live only around 20 minutes away, and see a lot more of her since we moved up from Wellington at the end of last year. But we had an extra special treat Sun-Tues staying at her house and seeing my sister, Holly who was very briefly visiting from Wellington.

Unfortunately I never seem to take many photos of Holly and I together (I think we are always too busy talking and catching up) - and this time was no different. It was great to see her although it was too short. I will have to remember to take lots more photos next time I see her. Although I seemed to get a bit more snap happy after she left.

The Hawkes Bay put on some beautiful weather the last couple of days and we had a lot of fun. Noah enjoyed collecting lemons in Nana’s backyard, throwing rocks at the beach and playing with toi toi and downing a fluffy at a little cafe in the Esk Valley. Isabelle enjoyed rolling round on a blanket outdoors, stuffing any amount of leaves and grass in her mouth (just as fast as I could retrieve them) and trying to keep up with her big brother.

I now have about 5 kilos of lemons, a couple of shaggy toi toi (is that plural) and a bunch of ‘Holly-less’ photos as a reminder of this great time spent together.

… And the fun hasn’t stopped yet – This morning we are going with Nana to see Cars 2 at the movies. Wish me luck, as this will be the first time either of the kids has been to the movies and I’m unsure just how this will turn out!

Thanks Mum and Holly for a lovely last couple of days xx




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