Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The ‘Flood’

Every now and again (although reasonably frequently of late) Noah creates a mini flood in the bathroom. What can I say the boy loves to brush his teeth and somebody bought him a stool and taught him how to turn on the tap (what was I thinking??)

Tonight was one of those nights…

… but I guess if you name your kid Noah what do you expect? Next thing you now he’ll be bringing home lots of unusual pets!

flood 003


Anonymous said...

aw no! that happens at least once a week in our house, brushing teeth and a bucket in the bathroom = flood, I love your header, very cute!

Funny my word verification is 'cowboat'

Dee said... least you can see the irony/funny side of it :)


Sophie Slim said...

heehee! Noah! I get it ;) Hilarious (hoping that a year later this little habit has stopped!)