Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Well Hello There!

I am pretty new to blog-land/ the blogosphere ... I have been checking out a few (mainly parenting and crafty) blogs for a little while now and realise that there are a lot of people that deal with similar daily issues to me such as 'arsenic hour' and what to do when your two and a half year old paints the steps yellow (more on that later.)

I have been umming and arring about whether to start a blog of my own for a wee while as the following questions have crossed my mind:
Will it just be another thing to distract me from paying attention to my kids? Do I have anything new to contribute (as there are some mighty clever crafter 'super Mums' out there in blog land)? and Will anyone read it anyway?

I came to the conclusion that I don't really care whether anyone reads it and that I am happy doing it just for me. I have always been the journaling/ diary keeping kind and sometimes just feel the need to spew a pile of information out. This is just a more public way of doing it. My blogging may be spasmodic as the kids are my priority.

Speaking of the kids... this is what me and my two little joys did today; painting...

Noah painting (paper and stones of course!)

Yellow steps ( I turned my back for 2 minutes!)

Isabelle (above) aged 8 months watching me put up the new art work on her wall (below)

Jen x

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