Thursday, 28 July 2011

Noah on: 'Pottying on'

You may have noticed the awesome badge/ button thing that has newly arrived on the left side of this blog... you know the one that reads "Keep Calm and Potty On" - you can grab one for yourself (or a bigger version to print out) over at Angela Noelle's blog, Striking Keys (that is, if like me you are in the midst of potty training chaos and need a reminder to stay calm!) She also has some awesome tips to check out.

Truth be told we are in the midst of a potty training break... because, according to Noah ...

... its just one great party!

(We hope to resume again in earnest come Summer.)

Jen x


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I well remember the trials and errors of potty training...fortunately all children get it eventually, just take your time.

Dee said...

BAHAHA...that first pic cracked me up.
too awesome :)
hang in there...X

Angela Noelle of SK said...

You do what you've got to do! NO JUDGEMENT HERE! LOVE that you have these photos. They're worth more than having a child potty trained when he's 1-MONTH-old - honestly. Screw any naysayers!

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