Thursday, 14 August 2014

Woollen Vest Sew Along


This week I have been joining in with The Woollen Vest Sew Along hosted by Lydia of Little Kiwis.

This vest is made from a free PDF pattern that Lydia has created. Yes I said freeeee! You can download your copy from Craftsy here. It’s a fast and easy sew – and being fully lined with no exposed seams you don’t require an overlocker/ serger, but still can achieve a nice neat finish. It’s a great way to upcycle an old woollen blanket too. (Or you could always use stretch denim, corduroy or fleece.)

For Isabelle’s vest I used some grey wool that I had in my stash (it previously belonged to a friend’s grandma) and some navy spotty and floral cotton lining. Obviously, I also embellished the wool with some simple snowflake stitcheries. (I browsed Pinterest for inspiration). My children, like pretty much everyone else’s are not immune to ‘frozen fever!’ So, in a way this is my little ode to Frozen. (However, I’m pretty confident that this will not be the last ‘frozen’ thing I sew!)


The girl and I are both pretty happy with the result.

Make sure you check the Facebook album with everyone else’s creations.

Belatedly joining in with Sew & Tell 

… and the Sew Along of course!


Saturday, 9 August 2014

4 weeks of portraits (29, 30, 31 & 32/52)

I am so  overdue posting my portrait project photos here – so late in fact that I have 4 weeks of photos to catch up. I still have been taking photos – I just got a bit distracted by sewing & KCW to post anything other than sewing blog posts!

Just in case you’re new here and haven’t heard of the portrait project – the aim of the game is to post a picture of each of your kids, each week for a year.



Noah & Isy: These two, they dress themelves! (Enough said!) Note how Noah has chosen to wear slippers when we were going out (and that they’re the same tone as his pants – co-ordinated!)

Pipi: ‘Helping’ me put her clothes away.



So inevitably there was going to be some photos that I’d already used for Kid’s Clothes Week (because that’s pretty much all the photos that I took that week.) I particularly love this pic of Isabelle and the photo of Pipi captures her perfectly. She spent most of that week pulling her hair tie out. (She’s since had a fringe trim!)



Noah: My little man lost his first baby tooth in the last couple of weeks and then lost a second one (I think he ate his second one with his afternoon tea!) He’s pretty proud of himself and thinks that now he has ‘adult’ teeth coming through, this means he is now pretty much an adult.

Isabelle: Photo bombing a self timer shot.

Pipi: She decided she needed to hop into her baby capsule.



Noah: Such a sweet big brother. What you can’t tell from this photo is that Noah had just come back from the A&E after an accident before school whereby he opened up a great big hole under this chin and need to have it stuck back together. He’s all good though.

Pipi: She’s loves her flowers

Isabelle: My happy, pretty girl.

Joining in over here.

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Friday, 1 August 2014

{Sewn} A Colette Moneta

In the aftermath of Kid’s Clothes Week I think I mentioned something along the lines of plans to destash, clean my sewing space and a spot of selfish sewing.

Well, my sewing space remains a bomb site,  but I’ve done a spot of destashing (only to then purchase more fabric) and last night/ today I embarked upon some sewing for me! As with recent sewing I’ve done for the kids, the sewing I’m doing for myself (with the exception of one project I have planned) is for Summer.

My dress

And does anything say Summer more than a simple tie dyed knit dress? I’ve had this project planned for a couple of months but when I started cutting out the pattern pieces last night I had second thoughts. In my opinion tie dyed fabric can look really chic and beachy or really really tacky! However as the dress came together I began to like it more and more!

The fabric I used is lovely tie dyed blue knit fabric from Girl Charlee, it is really soft and silly and makes this dress a dream to wear. The pattern is the 'Moneta' by Colette Patterns. I had intended to sew this back in June, I think when they were having the sew along. I did end up joining in with the sew along obviously, but referred to the sew along posts a lot when sewing – especially the post on shirring the waist with clear elastic which was something I hadn’t done before. I made version 1 without the collar in size small.

It was a relatively quick and easy sew, but that didn’t stop me making the silly mistake of accidentally sewing through two layers of the bodice at one point while attaching the bodice and skirt (on my overlocker nonetheless!) Not to matter, I just top-stitched around the bodice and turned it into a ‘design feature’ of sorts!

Moneta 2

Of course, my little photo- bombers had to make an appearance! Love those little critters!


I’m sure I’ll be back at some point to share the other things I hope to sew for me! (Possibly another one of these in budgie fabric? Hmmm… not sure I have quite enough left!)

Roll on Spring and Summer (it was a stunning sunny Winter’s day here today!)

What are your sewing plans?


Monday, 28 July 2014

Kid’s Clothes Week Wrap up

KCW wrap up

So… I’m milking the Kid's Clothes Week thing with another blog post! But seriously, I’ve really enjoyed this one. I sewed 13 items this time, I think!

I really enjoyed seeing what everyone else made too! While I didn’t really follow the ‘Kid’s Art’ theme, some of my favourite projects from other makers did … Here are 3 of my faves (the links to their blog posts are below the images.)

Watercolour dress by You & Mie  /  You are my Sunshine Skirt by Little Indie Tribe  /  Seersucker Skinnies by Brienne

Thank you once again for following along and encouraging me with my sewing.

Now I’m simultaneously destashing and cleaning my sewing space, while planning and dreaming of new fabric for a spot of long overdue ‘selfish sewing’ for me!

For the rest of my makings this KCW, go here

Jenny x

Back tomorrow to catch up on the portrait project!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

KCW Day 7: (More) Cat Sweatshirts

KCW day 7 collage

Well here we are, it’s the end of another Kid's Clothes Week. I’ve really enjoyed it but I’m glad it’s come to an end.

Now that it’s all over I plan to clean my sewing space, have a wee bit a of a de-stash – and then, when the dust settles, embark on some sewing for me!

Thank you for all your support during this KCW. I’ve had some lovely comments and messages from friends, other sewers and bloggers and other KCW participants. I’ve felt quite proud of what I’ve achieved – but also a little embarrassed of my sewing geekery/ obsession! It’s a weird combination.

My husband was away for the first half of the week, and I felt like I needed to apologise to him every time I stepped away to sew… “It’s the second to last day” … “I don’t normally sew this much” … But he seemed unfazed and very supportive -  even yesterday saying: “Do you need some more fabric? Shall we go to Spotlight?” “You don’t want all your projects to look the same because you’re using the same fabric!” – He obviously hasn’t seen the exploding stash in my sewing room!

On the topic of using the same fabric – this is exactly what I’ve done today. But when it’s gorgeous cat fabric (bought from here); exceptions can be made, right? Besides, these sweatshirts aren’t for my kids they are for a little friend of ours. (I sewed 2 days each for my kids, I thought it fitting the last day be for someone else).


Once again the pattern I used the brilliant The Street smart Sweatshirt Collection by Little Kiwi's Closet. This time in a size 2years.

And once again (like yesterday) I was racing daylight to get it finished in time and photographed … The actual sewing took 1 hour total but the tracing the pattern, cutting them out and general phaffing about took a little longer! Due to the hurried taking of these pics please excuse the loose thread hanging out of the sleeve in that last pic – you can’t take your eyes off it now, right?

For the cat pocket sweatshirt, the grey fabric is from a whole pile of grey sweat shirting I picked from the op shop the other day for next to nothing and the red check is from Spotlight.

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m going have a nice cup of tea and a lie down now (and some dark Ghana peppermint chocolate).

For the rest of my makings this KCW, go here

Jenny x

Friday, 25 July 2014

KCW Day 6: Budgie Dress

KCW day 6 collage

As much as I have enjoyed making my little girls little floaty tops and shorts made out of beautiful woven fabrics such as double gauze and chambray, there really is nothing better for little girls in Summer than a simple knit dress. Well that’s my opinion, anyway.

It’s no secret that I have a love with knit fabric in general – it’s fast to sew, the fit is forgiving and it’s so easy to wash and wear, so when you take that fabric, add a quirky budgie print and use it to make a little knit dress – it’s perfection in my books!

KCW day 6 (30DSC_0030KCW day 6 (4)DSC_0018-005KCW day 6 (30

For a pattern I had a flash of genius/ laziness when I looked at the The Blank Tank pattern pieces that I still had out from yesterday … I decided to make this dress using that pattern but adapted it by obviously lengthening it, adding the elastic casing around the middle and also adding ruffle sleeves by following this tutorial . Speaking of that blog (You & Mie) did you see what Cherie made for KCW? Um WOW! (Definitely check it out if you haven’t already!)

I’m very happy with how my pattern adaptation worked out. I will definitely make more dresses like this and perhaps also make the girls tanks with ruffle/ flutter sleeves.


I faced a bit of a race against daylight to get my sewing finished and photos done in time, but I managed just… My poor little tired model co-operated in the end too after the bribe of cheese was offered (her favourite thing.) She’d been at a birthday party all afternoon and was all tuckered out!


Phew… I have to say, I’m feeling wee bit tuckered out myself! One last day of sewing tomorrow!

For the rest of my makings this KCW, go here

Jenny x

Thursday, 24 July 2014

KCW Day 5: Sunny Day Shorts and a Tank for Noah

KCW day 5 collage

Today is day 5 of Kids Clothes Week and I did some more Summer sewing for Noah.

I have previously made Noah some tanks and shorts, but today was my first time using the the Sunny Day Shorts pattern - (a free one from Oliver & S). It seemed quite timely to be sewing “sunny day shorts”  because the sun was streaming through the windows in my sewing room, despite it being the the middle of Winter here. I sewed the size 5 years and added pockets using Dana from MADE's pocket pattern. I really loved how these shorts turned out and really like the length they are on Noah. My preference for him is shorts that sit above the knee, so these are great.

For fabric, I really couldn’t tell you what the composition of the blue fabric is. I scored this and a whole lot of vintage fabric from my friend’s grandma a while back (thanks Kirsten!) The grey and white chevron is quilting cotton I got from Spotlight for this. I think pockets are a great way to use up pretty scraps.


For the tank I used The Blank Tank from Melly Sews/ Blank Slate Patterns. It’s one I’ve made a few times now, and it’s a wonderfully quick sew.

All the fabric I used for it is re-purposed adult tees from the op shop. The pocket is a scrap of the tee that I used when making this tee. The only change I made to the pattern is I didn’t use a curved hem. As I was cheating re-using the hem from the existing tee I straightened out the curve. The shorts took a bit longer as I was fluffing around with the pockets and familiarising myself with the pattern, but I can honestly say that the tank was a 30 minute sew, if that!


I am planning making Noah a few more of these tanks and shorts, heaps of different fabric combinations kept jumping out at me – but you can’t sew them all!

P.S. Note the old sparkler on the ground on the left behind Noah in that last pic? Guess what we did last night?

Be sure to stop back here tomorrow for day 6 … Noah and Pipi now have two outfits each, I think it’s Isabelle’s turn again!

For the rest of my makings this KCW, go here

Jenny x