Friday, 17 April 2015

Friday Faves (Animal Print)

I thought it was about time for another edition of … dum dum dum … ‘Friday Faves!’ Yay! This time with the theme of ‘Animal Print.’

I don’t know about you, but it was not too long ago, if you said animal print I would have thought of the words ‘tacky’ and ‘bogan’ … judgemental I know!

Over the last year or so animal print has grown on me, and now I actually quite like it, well in small carefully selected doses that is. (Unless you’re a kid and you can totally get away with wearing leggings with a giant tiger face on them of course!)

Animal print collage

ONE: Emerge Animal Sprint Shell Top from Ezibuy

TWO: MNG Leopard Print Belt from The Iconic

THREE: Adidas Brown ZX Flux Animal Print Trainers from ASOS

FOUR: Eastpak Animal Print Shopper Bag with Leather Handles from ASOS

FIVE: Xcesri Animal Print Umbrella from Farmers

SIX: Aldo Olylia Shoes from The Iconic (I just bought these the other day!)

SEVEN: Baggy Tiger Leggings from Beau Monde Babe

Next week is Kid's Clothes Week and the (awesome) theme is ‘Wild Things’ … rest assured I will be sewing with a bit of animal print.. so if you are a fellow animal print fan make sure you pop in to see how I go!

So animal print…? Do you loathe it or love it?

Jen x

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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Handmade Baby Gifts (Part 2)


Following on from my recent Handmade Baby Gifts (part 1) post,  here are a couple more baby gifts I have made recently. The two gifts featured here bring the total to 5. I did contemplate making a few more to put away in a bit of a ‘gift stash’, but as handy as that is, I really like being able to make the gift with the recipient in mind. (Also, by the end  I was kind of over sewing baby things for a bit haha!)

The little spotty top and baby jeans were made as a gift for the guy that works for Andrew and his wife who have just welcomed their second little girl into their family. I was stoked because upon completion, Andrew took a photo on his phone and texted them. I’m counting his proudness in my work as a win!

The little jeans are self drafted and have a little Liberty of London butt patch on the back. (If you say ‘Liberty of London’ next to ‘butt patch’ does that make it sound more classy? I’m not sure!) And of the little top I used the Little Kiwi's Closet Flutterby Playsuit Pattern as a base, but obviously modified it to be a top rather than a playsuit and I also curved the hemline slightly. The fabric on the sleeves is scraps from when I made this dress.


The final gift was for a dear sweet friend of mine who has recently had a little boy called Giovanni. He has a big sister called Giselle so I thought I have a bit of fun with the big ‘G’ and little ‘g’ thing by appliquéing a couple of store bought tees. The only problem is now every time I look at the little ‘g’ I see the number 9! Haha… I guess big G and little g will just have to wear them at the same time in order to prevent confusion! I also made a couple of pairs of  Little Kiwi's Closet Hip Hop Harem pants (I’ve made this pattern so many times now!) The pair on the right are made of a merino cotton blend so will be nice and snuggly for Winter!

Now I’m enjoying the school holidays but have embarked on a project for big girl, plus I have dreams of making all 3 some badly needed Winter PJs… and a gazillion other things on the ‘to do’ list!

Are you sewing anything at the moment?


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Autumnal Snippets


I don’t about you, but I just love the word ‘Autumnal.’ As a Southern Hemisphere dweller of course I’m biased, but really isn’t Autumn a much nicer word than Fall?

Apart from a few slightly frosty mornings, it’s still been beautiful weather up here and we’ve still been able to enjoy being outside and often still eating our meals out there too.

Our passion fruit vine has produced a bumper crop this year and we’ve collected a few blackberries too. (A few from our bush, but most from Auntie Lish’s abundant supply!) The kid’s would eat all the blackberries fresh if they could, but I managed to save some to make berry slice.

On the topic of food, this time of year and the cooler weather makes me hanker for fruit crumbles and cobblers. My Mother-in-law visited recently and bought some end of season golden queen peaches and generously gave some to us. We used the seconds to make peach crumble which was delicious.

On the sewing front I should really be making merino singlets and woollen coats for the Winter ahead, yet I’m inspired by summery florals. Perhaps there will have to be some Winter sewing lined with pretty florals. Knowing me the colour grey will likely make an appearance too!

What are you sewing, eating doing this change of season?


Monday, 30 March 2015

Handmade Baby Gifts

Baby giftDSC_0007-002DSC_0056DSC_0055

Sorry for my unscheduled blog break, it’s unintentional I assure you! Life has just been pretty busy. Busy with just the day to day stuff that comes with keeping 3 little people (and one husband) fed, watered and happy and healthy, oh, and I watched a lot of the Cricket World Cup. (Well done Black Caps we’re proud of you even though you didn’t take home the title!)

Also, there are a couple of other exciting things going on behind the scenes here at M&MN HQ which are keeping me busy (and no I’m not pregnant! haha!) Hopefully I’ll be able to share these behind the scenes developments with you soon, but until then I’ll just have to leave you hanging!

Despite not blogging much in the month of March, I have still been sewing things… although not as much as I have planned, but I’ve still been taking time to potter away on my machine when I get a spare minute or two. This outgoing month has pretty much been the month of sewing baby gifts. The top gift was actually an order that one of Isabelle’s kindy teachers asked (and paid) me to make for a baby shower she was attending and the bottom two are for two friends that have recently had babies. All the patterns I used were (co-incidentally) Little Kiwi's Closet patterns. I made 3 pairs of hip hop harems (all 0-3 month size) and a long sleeved top using the 4 seasons tank and tee pattern (top picture, also 0-3 months size) and a polar bear peekaboopocket mix and match outerwear vest (3-6 months).

I also have two more baby gifts in the works – one is almost finished and another is only in concept form in my head (but that counts right?) I was intending on waiting to finish and photograph these before I wrote this post, but I think that will have to be ‘Handmade Baby Gifts, Part 2’ … or else this post might never get written! 

What are sewing? Are you joining in with Kids Clothes Week in a few weeks time?

Jenny x

Monday, 9 March 2015

‘Wild Things’: KCW Inspiration

I was extremely gutted to miss the last Kids Clothes Week challenge, we were busy and had family visiting. I think the reason I was most gutted; (apart from the fact that I think it was the first KCW I hadn’t joined in with to some degree in 3(?) years) was because the theme was so cool! It was upcycling, and we all know how much I love upcycling!!

So, just when I thought that theme couldn’t be topped, the good people at Kids Clothes Week announced the theme for the up-coming season: “Wild Things” … um are they picking the themes tailor made for me???


A cursory glance at my Pinterest boards, particularly 'Little Girl Style' and 'Noah Style' will show you that I have a penchant for: yellow, grey, pastels, a touch of monochrome, stripes and polka dots, floral (especially Liberty) …. AND quirky animal-themed clothing!

Here’s just a small selection of the animal themed clothing from those 2 Pinterest boards (see the boards for source links.)

Sewing Inspiration

I realise now that about 80% of the animal themed clothing I’ve pinned has cats on it, so I guess I have a subconscious obsession with all things feline! (#closetcatlady) … also, I guess cats aren’t exactly ‘wild’ animals … so I’m not sure if domestic animals come within the theme – but who cares… I’d claim it!

There are so many ways this theme could be interpreted. On the most basic level you could use fabric with an animals printed on it (like Pipi's Bambi vest or Isabelle's Budgie Dress), leopard print, you could applique or embroider an animal on your garment (similar to the rabbit on the yellow pinafore above); OR you could go all out and make your child actually look like an animal! There are varying degrees of that last option as well – ranging from something subtle  like Isabelle's Owl Sweatshit (below) to full blow animal costume!











budgie dress

Speaking of full costume, it just so happens that not too long ago I purchased a copy of Molly Goodall’s book  'Wild Things' to Sew and Wear  from Book Depository. I haven’t sewn anything in it yet, but I am tempted to make something in it for KCW… maybe the racoon vest or bumblebee rain jacket!

wild things book

See, I told you this theme was tailor made for me!

Are you sewing along this time? (You’ve got time to plan, it’s not until 20 April) How would you interpret the theme?

Jen x

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Monochrome Fabric Baskets

My poor boy-child shares his room with his little sister. He loves sharing a room with her for the most part (I often find them snuggled in on the same bed together); but I do feel for him in that the room is quite girly. The colour pink is like food colouring, a little bit goes a long way!

Noah doesn’t seem to care (yet), but I have tried recently to add some more boyish touches to the room. The eventual plan is that the two girls will share and he will likely have his own room in the future, I’m not sure how exactly he’ll want to decorate that, so for now I’m embracing the monochrome theme; because monochrome goes with anything!

A couple of weeks ago I made him these 2 fabric storage baskets. The fabric is a thicker weight cotton duck from Spotlight and is lined with with white, coated curtain fabric remnants. I didn’t follow a tutorial per sae, but drew on a bit of high school maths to work out the circumference of the circles bases and therefore the width of fabric I needed. Who knew ‘Circumference = Pi x diameter’ would come in handy in the ‘real’ world?

Because both the lining and the outer fabrics are quite thick combined with the fact that I’d run out; I decided to forgo interfacing – which was perhaps a bit of a mistake. The baskets are definitely on the ‘slouchy’ side! However, that doesn’t seem to matter – they seem to hold bats and balls and other boyish paraphernalia quite well!


Other boyish things I have collected include: Maiko Nagao Print found at Collected, Needle & Nail Wooden Fishing Rod (a birthday gift from Nana & Grandad) and Tinch Restickable Drawer Organisers (which I like to morph into one word ‘draworganisers’)

I have a few other things in mind to sew for Noah’s room so watch this space!

What have you been sewing lately? Have you found yourself using Math in sewing much before?

Jen x

Monday, 23 February 2015

Snippets of Summer


We enjoyed some great Summer holidays, got away for a fun family camp, have had a few visits from family, and now we’re firmly back in the grasp of the school (and Kindy) routine. In true Jenny style I managed to forgo photographing our holiday, family visits and pretty much anything else really of note, but I did manage to pull my camera out on those quiet / ‘ordinary’ at home moments – moments of sibling love, backyard paddling, a back-to-school-Mum-done hair cut, Lego play, and some special Mother-daughter cookie baking and eating time. I just love those ordinarily extra-ordinary moments with my kids, and my childhood memories consist of many of the same things.

As this blog has grown it’s become more and more of a place to share ‘things I’ve sewn’; but I always love sharing snippets of everyday life with my kids. It’s great to reflect back on my sewing projects and developing skills but I love to use this blog to document the growth of my kids too! So, you can expect more ‘Snippets of the Everyday’ here in 2015.

I just have to remember to wipe off that cookie dough and grab the camera!